Extreme New Music Collaborative

New Record and Tour Dates

"The Marrow" is now complete, and set for release on Friday, August 25th.  You can purchase or stream it at,, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Tidal, and others. 

We will also be on tour in September.  Catch us at the dates listed below. 

9/21- Teros Gallery, San Diego, CA
with Those Darn Gnomes, Blood Oath, Steve Flato and Chris Coroner

9/22- CalArts, Los Angeles, CA
-with Blood Oath

9/23- The Crepe Place, Santa Cruz, CA
-with Cosmic Reef Temple, Noctooa

9/24- The Golden Bull, Oakland, CA
-with Cosmic Reef Temple, Noctooa

9/25- Center for New Music, San Francisco, CA
-with Kyle Bruckmann, Jacob Felix Heule, Kanoko Nishi, Danishta Rivero

9/26- (looking for something in NorCal, Reno or Southern OR)

9/27- Tonic Lounge, Portland, OR
-with Seven Chains, more tba

9/28- Highline, Seattle, WA
-with Seven Chains, Caligula Cartel, Pathogens

9/29- Old Nicks, Eugene, OR
-with Stalagmite, more tba

9/30- Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco, CA