Extreme New Music Collaborative

First Post/Douve Completed

So welcome to our brand new big boy website- we have finally grown the fuck up and reserved ourselves a proper(ish) space on the information superhighway.  Self congratulations are in order.
Ehnahre has had a tough few years- lineup issues mostly- but we're back on course and getting ready to release our newly completed full length, "Douve".  This is a monstrous record that has been several years in the making- and it's going to fuck you right in the ear.  Based on the poem "Theatre", by Yves Bonnefoy, it is 18 tracks, and features an appearance by vocalist Ken Ueno and artwork by Matt Saunders.   It will be released by Kathexis, and there will be TWO versions- the Compact Disc Version, and the Digital Version (which will contain some longer endings and an entire track that we couldn't fit onto the damned disc).  Start looking for trailers and more information soon.
Finally, we are changing our format around here... we've decided to open this thing up to the public in an attempt to broaden our palette a little, and to open up avenues for new ideas and experiences.  What I mean by that, is we are looking to make this more of a composers and performers collaborative, than say, a band.... and we want you to participate, motherfucker.  So if you play an instrument, or compose, or you're a poet, or visual artist, or filmmaker, or an engineer looking to do a studio experiment, or anything else you can think of, please get in touch.  Let's talk.