Extreme New Music Collaborative

Collaboration with N

We are in the final stages of finishing up a collaborative record with Dortmund based, German drone guitarist N. You can check out some of his music here-

This record is going to be a monstrous slab of sound, a dense fog of distortion, feedback and drones. Keep an eye out for it in the upcoming months.

Rites for Winter- Hadean collaboration

We have just released a new recording on our bandcamp page. It is a collaborative record with the band Hadean, entitled “Rites for Winter”. Text is by Weldon Kees. One song, 19 minutes.

This is also the last recording that Ricardo Donoso did with Ehnahre.

Go to to check it out.

We’ve got another collab record in the works, with German drone guitarist N. Keep an eye out.

New Record and Tour Dates

"The Marrow" is now complete, and set for release on Friday, August 25th.  You can purchase or stream it at,, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Tidal, and others. 

We will also be on tour in September.  Catch us at the dates listed below. 

9/21- Teros Gallery, San Diego, CA
with Those Darn Gnomes, Blood Oath, Steve Flato and Chris Coroner

9/22- CalArts, Los Angeles, CA
-with Blood Oath

9/23- The Crepe Place, Santa Cruz, CA
-with Cosmic Reef Temple, Noctooa

9/24- The Golden Bull, Oakland, CA
-with Cosmic Reef Temple, Noctooa

9/25- Center for New Music, San Francisco, CA
-with Kyle Bruckmann, Jacob Felix Heule, Kanoko Nishi, Danishta Rivero

9/26- (looking for something in NorCal, Reno or Southern OR)

9/27- Tonic Lounge, Portland, OR
-with Seven Chains, more tba

9/28- Highline, Seattle, WA
-with Seven Chains, Caligula Cartel, Pathogens

9/29- Old Nicks, Eugene, OR
-with Stalagmite, more tba

9/30- Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco, CA

The Marrow

We have been in the studio working on our next full length recording, entitled "The Marrow".  It is a four song cycle based on the poem of the same name, by Theodore Roethke.  Expect more details and samples in the near future. 

This record will also feature new drummer Josh Carro, which we are very excited about.

We will also be returning to the live stage this year.  We will be booking shows in the New England/New York area in August and early September, and we are working on a west coast tour for late September.  Please don't hesitate to email us if you'd like to see us in your area.

"Nothing and Nothingness" now available

We have just released a new EP entitled "Nothing and Nothingness".  It is based on the work of Elise Cowen, and contains 2 tracks- "The First Eye", and "Dear God of the Bent Trees".  These songs are another step out towards the fringe, as they are more drone based, and contain no drum kit, but are focused more around contrabass and classical percussion (as well as the usual guitars and voice).  This recording also features Gleb Kanasevich on Clarinets.

"Nothing and Nothingness" can be streamed and/or purchased at,, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, etc.

There will be more information regarding concept, lyrics, and other fun stuff, coming soon.

Track Premieres

Douve is set to be released next Friday, January 22nd, and pre-orders are now available.  Track Premieres are starting to pop up, so check it out if you want a taste.  

You can hear the song "Ceiling of Insects" at the Forced Exposure PR Soundcloud page- you can find it here. 

Today (Thursday, January 14th), Invisible Oranges will premiere the track "I See You Disappearing".  Head over to for a listen.

And tomorrow (Friday, January 15th), the song "Black Gestures" will be up at

Artwork for Douve was done by Matt Saunders.  His work is pretty incredible, and has been/is being shown at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Deutsche Guggenheim, Sabanci Museum in Istanbul and the Harvard Art Museums, among many others. Here is the album cover.

Douve Cover.jpg


And here's a look at all the panels of the digipak.


There will be some more updates coming next week, so check back soon.

First Post/Douve Completed

So welcome to our brand new big boy website- we have finally grown the fuck up and reserved ourselves a proper(ish) space on the information superhighway.  Self congratulations are in order.
Ehnahre has had a tough few years- lineup issues mostly- but we're back on course and getting ready to release our newly completed full length, "Douve".  This is a monstrous record that has been several years in the making- and it's going to fuck you right in the ear.  Based on the poem "Theatre", by Yves Bonnefoy, it is 18 tracks, and features an appearance by vocalist Ken Ueno and artwork by Matt Saunders.   It will be released by Kathexis, and there will be TWO versions- the Compact Disc Version, and the Digital Version (which will contain some longer endings and an entire track that we couldn't fit onto the damned disc).  Start looking for trailers and more information soon.
Finally, we are changing our format around here... we've decided to open this thing up to the public in an attempt to broaden our palette a little, and to open up avenues for new ideas and experiences.  What I mean by that, is we are looking to make this more of a composers and performers collaborative, than say, a band.... and we want you to participate, motherfucker.  So if you play an instrument, or compose, or you're a poet, or visual artist, or filmmaker, or an engineer looking to do a studio experiment, or anything else you can think of, please get in touch.  Let's talk.