Extreme New Music Collaborative

Core Members

  • Ryan McGuire
  • Joshua Carro
  • Jared Redmond
  • Richard Chowenhill

Other Contributors & Past Members

  • Ricardo Donoso
  • C Spencer Yeh
  • Jonah Jenkins
  • Donald Thomas Murray, Jr
  • Tom Malone
  • Andrew Hock
  • John Carchia
  • Forbes Graham
  • Greg Kelley
  • Ken Ueno
  • noelle dorsey
  • lucas leJeune
  • greg massi
  • j mark inman

About the ensemble

The Boston based ensemble Ehnahre has been pioneering an effort to rethink and redefine what metal, extreme and new music can be, since their debut release in 2008- to equal parts acclaim and condemnation for their sins against the tradition.  Originally conceived of as a one-off recording project, the artistic success of the first session inspired the group to forge ahead, and it has evolved over time from a weirdo death metal outfit into an extreme new music ensemble that employs an unlimited variety of techniques, instrumentation and atmospheres.  While the ensemble retains a vestigial tail of their formative elements, they are always in search of innovative and interesting new approaches, concepts and projects to give life to.